Misguided Excuses for Homosexuality and Transvestite Problems

It is now so common globally that countries are forced to change their laws in regards to the marriage act. While this has occurred in even the most religious of places, such as in Ireland, it is bogged down in Australia. This is largely because of the influence of religious control over politicians who refuse to contemplate that homosexuality is anything more than something for which individuals are responsible.

My experience of being a man in my last life and a woman in this one has given me insight into the matter that is also in stark contrast to religious beliefs in heaven and hell. Born with a different language to my parents the memory was not confused by people telling me that such things could not happen.

Unfortunately, small children who can recall their previous lives are quickly hushed by parents and others who are brain-washed by religious dogma. There is no heaven or hell and yet these places are the power behind what the establishment survives on. While hell is a great threat to force people to obey the law it was used by the Roman Caesar, Constantine, to gain sole power over his empire.

It is, therefore, a political stay. Without the constant reminder that all must obey man’s law or face the consequences, there is no place for other thoughts or memories to emerge.

That means that no matter one’s sexual preferences or leanings the government is frightened of what will happen if the facts are known. Religions are all based on sun worship and the Islamic religion of Babylon, of which Constantine was a practitioner. The Catholic Church he established in 325 AD was the first Christian organisation because he put up the image of Jesus Christ (Revelation 13:15) and he is 666 (ibid:18).

Homosexuality is, therefore, in opposition to this dogma. While the ignorance about the history and confusion by the Islamic faith remains the blindness and refusal to contemplate other issues remains. That has made my attempts to bring some sensible arguments to the contrary of the excuses for homosexuality and transvestite conditions to the fore the more urgent.

We must look at the possibility of reincarnation as the cause and then consider the facts before rushing into judgment. If one is going through a living hell because of the attitudes imposed on us by religious bias and false premises, then these must be brought to the surface and allowed to enter the debate. No one enters into these same-sex relationships out of chemical imbalance or anything else except they miss their previous identities.

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